Pat McDonald - Drums and Percussion


Pat's Tour Rig...

My gear list is always changing but generally includes a Gretsch Acoustic Drumkit,  a Pearl rack, hardware and pedals and Zildjian cymbals. I currently hold endorsements with Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Gretsch drums, Evans drumheads, HQ Real Feel practice pads, Tightscrews, Buttkicker, DrumArt and Factory Metal Percussion.



Gretsch 70's/80's Custom wrapped in Diamondplate Camo wrap from with all bearing edges re-worked and trued by
 Sam Bacco at Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville


  • 8" x 10"

  • 10" x 12"

  • 14" x 14"

  • 16" x 16"

  • 2 - 18" x 22"

I use any number of snare drums depending on what I'm enjoying playing at the moment.   My current #1 snare is a Ludwig Hammered Bronze Supraphonic 6.5" x 14" with die cast hoops.   It changes all the time, but right now that's the one I prefer most for live work  


  • Pearl ICON Rack with Pearl boom arms and tom holders

  • Pearl Eliminator Hi Hat stand, Snare stand and Double Pedal (using the black cams)

  • Pearl Roadster throne with Buttkicker 2 mounted underneath

       HEADS, All Evans heads in the following configuration: 

  • Kicks: EQ3 batters with custom artwork resonant/front heads by

  • Snare: Power Center Reverse Dot Coated/Hazy 200 Clear snare side

  • Toms: GPlus Clear batters/Black Resonant bottoms



CYMBALS, All Zildjian cymbals in the following configuration

  • 20" A Custom Medium Ride

  • 16", 17", 18", and 19" A Custom Projection Crashes

  • 19" K  China

  • 18" K  China

  • 14" A custom mastersound HiHats

  • 10" K Splash

  • 8" K Splash


Vic Firth Extreme 5B Wood Tips

Vic Firth Rute 202, Heritage Brushes, Steve Smith Tala Wands



I've been using in-ear monitors for years and have gradually built my rig into what it is now. It's very simple but it does the job phenomenally well.

  • Furman Rack Power Module

  • Yamaha 01/V Digital mixer (drum kit inputs)

  • Roland M16E mixer (band input sub-mix)

  • Crown Macro Tech 2400 Power Amplifier (powering the Buttkicker)

  • 24 Channel Whirlwind Snake with quick connects and fan-outs for monitor return split.

  • Roland SPD/S Trigger Pad with custom samples written and recorded by myself and Nashville keyboardist Dane Bryant.

  • Westone ES-2 Custom In-Ear Monitors.     These are the single most valuable part of the whole system. Nothing sounds as good and works as flawlessly.    I HIGHLY recommend them.



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